With Kids’ Growing City, urban kids get to reconnect with nature, learn to grow their food and be earth’s friend while having lots of fun. And all of that happens in the safety of their own school.

Imagine our children, our scientists and athletes, writers and creators, artists and leaders, all be empowered to grow food and be friends with the Earth, bees and butterflies too.

Imagine the lawn of every school turned into an empowering food forest for the community.

If only our children knew how to grow food, no one would ever go hungry.

“Everyone is worried about leaving a better planet for our kids. But we should also leave better kids for our planet!” [source unknown]

Are you worried that your children growing in an urban environment, might not have enough exposure to nature to grow healthy and happy? Are you worried that your children don’t know enough about where their food comes from? Are you worried that they do not appreciate healthy food choices you make for them?

Worry no more. You are in the right place to easily make those worries go away.

At Kids’ Growing City we bridge the educational gap between our children and their food. Through experiential learning, while having lots of fun, we teach them how easy it is to grow food and boost their enthusiasm for healthy eating too.

We bring gardens and gardening education to your Schools, Parties and Events, anywhere in the GTA so that you don’t have to look any further to provide your children with the best gardening education.

Together, we can “build the world a home and furnish it with love”. Together, we can “Grow apple trees and honey bees” and so much more!

Contact us and we will bring fun, gardening education and nutritional enthusiasm to your children!