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What friends say about Kids’ Growing City

Windham Ridge P.S. 2017

Oak Ridges p.s.

Joann Ianniello (Educator):

Leila is doing exciting things with her program. Kids’ Growing City is promoting the concept of stewardship for Earth in the new generation of caregivers. They are helping parents and educators create an awareness of sustainable agriculture in their children and students. Kids’ Growing City is creating programs where children, parents and educators can experience the joy that comes with growing plants. Please visit their site if you are interested in knowing more about what Kids’ Growing City can contribute to your city!

Grade 1 & 2 team at Seneca Hill P.S. (Teachers):

Kids’ Growing City offered a hands-on approach to teaching our students about planting and caring for the environment. Our students had the opportunity to grow various plants of their own such as potatoes, cucumbers, basil and lentils.  We loved having Kids’ Growing City’s teachers in our classrooms and hope to have her again in the upcoming school year.

Rita M.C. Filicetti (TDSB Teacher):

Kids’ Growing Cities is a program made in response to the major nature deficiencies kids now face. To help nurture and grow kids’ understandings of nature and their place in it, the program teaches kids about what seeds are and what they turn into, how they need to be pollinated and taken care of, and how their food comes to be. It shows them how to value hard work and prizing their communities. It shows them the importance of being responsible citizens by learning to waste and use less. it brings them back in touch with animals and plants and shows them how they fit in and belong to the giant web of life…that all living things, them included, are interconnected and bound to each other.

Ghazaleh Fahim (Mother)

I wish there was a program like this where I live, because it is really important for kids to learn where their food is coming from and in the process of that they learn to be and eat healthy! In the long run we can stop using all these genetically enhanced produce with all the added chemicals! Thank you for making a difference!

Mahtab Mirmoezi (Mother):

Kids’ Growing City teaches kids how to garden and get to know more about the origin of the food they eat in a fun way!

Sheida Shahi (friend of KGC):

I highly believe in the strength of Kids’ Growing City, in disseminating knowledge regarding the origins of and the process of growing food, amongst the next generation through their fun and interactive activities. They do a great job of getting kids excited about participating in the way their food is grown, and how they shape the environment around them in doing so. Keep it up!