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How to Grow Your Magical School Garden with Ease, This Spring.

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School Gardens are where authentic learning meets fresh air and sunlight!

You want one because you care and they deserve!

This Is for You Even If You're the Busiest Teacher on Earth OR Have Never Grown a Thing in Your Life, especially if you teach or will teach grade 3 in the future!

About Leila

Leila Mireskandari is the Founder and CEO of Kids' Growing City and creator of D.C.P. School Gardening Method. She holds a Master's degree in Environmental Studies with focus on School Gardens from York University. Leila also holds Environmental/Sustainability Education diploma from faculty of Education. Leila is a Certified Permaculture Designer and has Business and the Environment diploma from Schulich School of Business.

Leila is on a mission to change the world one school garden at a time!

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Here are 4 reasons (at least) why you should claim your spot in this FREE event:  

  • You’ll know the #1 reason that most hard-working teachers get tripped up when it comes to growing a school garden…  
  • You’ll learn the very first step towards growing a magical school garden with ease…  
  • You'll also learn about the entire roadmap called D.C.P. School gardening formula on how to lead your students to make the school garden happen, with EASE, in NO TIME and without ANY ADULTS to "work" in the garden EVER…
  • Now more than ever do we need to bring outdoor education that connects students not only to nature but especially to healthy food.
  • And much much more…  

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