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A Gardening Club for Kids

Delivered to your door

Get kids outside, learning and positively productive

Greening their thumbs &

Empowering them for life! 

OASIS BOX is the single most effective and fun way to instill life-long healthy habits and deep connection to good food and nature in your kids.

  • Reduce screen time and increase outdoors fun
  • Create precious magical memories that empower for life
  • Turn restless curiosity into delight for nature
  • Instill lifelong habits of healthy eating and being outdoors
  • Have done-for-you themed educational material that stimulate young minds into action and research, at your fingertips

Gardening with your kids will create...

Stronger Families

"Why try to explain miracles to your child when you can grow a garden with them?"

Bring magic to your family life and create precious memories that empower and last a life time!

Strengthen your connection with your kids using your OASIS BOX!

Whole Humans

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow."

Patience, caring, working with mama-nature, faith in the future, positive action, appreciation for healthy food, being grounded and connected to Earth, all packed in the OASIS BOXes!

Wiser Kids

Science, biology, geography, culture, health, math, art, systems thinking... You name it, mama-nature can teach it in the garden!

Authentic learning life skills... You just need the right engaging educational material and you will find it in your OASIS BOXes!

What's in the OASIS BOX?

  • Growing activity guides & Shopping Lists
  • Theme introduction card (a short lesson)
  • Themed coloring paper, Collectible stickers, Cut-out garden-talk cards
  • Themed educational games and crafts
  • Seeds* and much much more...

* Seeds are sourced local to your address, at no extra charge to you.

Here is an example, unboxed:

A complete no-brainer!

Here's how it works:

Choose a plan below, enter your address and pay for the plan.

You immediately get access to the online resource library for parents and if for plans 2 and 3 your first package will be sent to your door mid-month.

Every month, get a new package that contains themed fun and interactive kids-friendly growing guides, seeds, games, collectables and much more.

We'll ship packages on the 16th of each month.

Your kids will excitedly get into the material, play games, plant food and learn in the most fun, authentic, self-directing, hands-on and engaging way possible more and more, month after month.

Why you can't afford to ignore this:

  • Wrong habits of getting stuck indoors for long periods of time and ignoring facts about where food actually comes from, put your kids on the path to dis-empowerment and sadness.
  • There is NO OTHER WAY to get them outside and learning than getting their hands dirty, their eyes observing and their hearts expanding through experience.
  • You can't waste your precious time on re-inventing the wheel by surfing the ocean of online advice, mix of good and bad, and exposing your kids to a trial and error approach to growing a kids' garden. Your kids deserve the best!
  • Even if you are an expert gardener, you don't know how to do this right! Kids are a different size, their attention span is shorter, their motivations are different and different things excite an interest them! We know how to do this for you.
  • Last but not least, your kids grow fast and you'll lose the chance quickly. Don't let time pass you by.
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What other parents think:

"Getting the BOXes is very exciting for my son. And he really enjoys the fun. What an amazing way to get them act in a positive way and see the result of their own labor!" Dawn

"[My son] looks forward to it every month. And he jumps into action to get the activities done right away! Such an interactive and fun way to get them growing. Thank you so much for this!" Laura

"All the material is so beautifully made. The garden talk cards are awesome to get the kids thinking beyond the given information. It takes them to do research and find out more. We just love love your philosophy and concept!" Jackie

"We grew food in 2 days and my kids loved the taste! Can't believe how easy it was. We really enjoy the easy-to-follow activities!" Mina

"My daughter loves everything about the packages! And I really appreciate the learning that happens even when she is coloring or playing games in the box! Thank you!" Sogol

"We get so happy every time the box arrives. Fun fun fun... and good type of fun too. We both learn a lot at the same time. This is awesome! Thank you for this." Diana

Choose Your Plan

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Your monthly renewal fee will never go up for as long as you are a good standing member of the club.

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Join Monthly

$240 USD for 12 kits

Paid annually

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Your annual renewal fee will never go up for as long as you are a good standing member of the club.

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Immediate access to OASIS BOX ONLINE, a resource library of ALL printable, downloadable educational material of ALL past packages, adored by TEACHERS and HOMESCHOOLERS.

Enrollment to this Online Resource Library will only be available for extra charge after the following deadline. No longer for free!

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About the founder:

Leila Mireskandari, the Founder CEO of Kids’ Growing City and creator of OASIS BOX kids gardening club, is an enthusiastic gardener and a Certified Permaculture Designer who has a Master’s degree in Environmental Studies with Environmental and Sustainability Education diploma from York University. She also holds the Business and the Environment diploma from Schulich school of business.

She founded Kids’ Growing City to empower young minds with food growing skills and to bring the joy of edible gardening into the lives of children while supporting their parents and teachers with tools and training.