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Indoor Seed Starting Guide for Teachers

How to successfully start seeds indoors in a school environment, with ease, and cultivate strong healthy seedlings with your students.

Get this complete guide for a one-time payment of $15.

Seed starting in school can get frustrating, time-consuming and frankly too much, if you go at it blindly.

Simply because,

  • You, the teachers, are very busy and have a million and one competing priorities and a million and one things that compete for your attention and time, including a lot of kids.
  • Schools are limited in space and your schedule is limited to the school’s… It’s not like you can water the seedlings in the middle of the night if you suddenly remember your students forgot to water them that day! Can you?!
  • The care-takers of the seedlings, your students, are young and frankly forgetful.
  • Seeds are fragile and vulnerable right after they germinate. If the right amount of light and soil and water is not readily and easily available your students may end up loosing them all!

Good news is. It’s not rocket science. The rules are easy and there is a method that makes it all super smooth. And that’s what you get in this guide:

THE technique that will save you tons of EFFORT, TIME, MONEY and ENERGY and leads your students to cultivate STRONG and HEALTHY seedlings with EASE!

This guide includes all you need to know about:

  • Lighting
  • Soil
  • Watering
  • Containers for seed starting
  • And most importantly… Timing!

Literally, EVERYTHING you need to know on the topic, tailored to a crazy busy school environment and limited schedule!

Simply click the link below and get the guide for a one-time payment of $15.