School Grown Teachers Club

Coming Soon...

Are you a teacher who want to learn all the tricks to growing successful and sustainable School Gardens with EASE and NO ADDED STRESS to your teaching life?

Cause if you do... I want to and I could show you how, step by step!

That's why I am thinking about starting a low-cost monthly virtual club for teachers who are interested in or intrigued by it.

... Depending on how much enthusiasm I see from the community of teachers, I might just do that!

Details of this club are TBD but currently I am thinking to include the following: - Weekly ready-to-go lesson plans for growing in spring, fall and even winter - Each lesson plan could be accompanied by a shopping list of materials and where to buy them - Each lesson plan could come with complete instructions on best practices to run the lesson. - Regular Q&A sessions

Are you interested to know more about this? If yes, join the wait list below!

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