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Changing the world one kids’ garden at a time!

At Kids’ Growing City we work with schools, teachers and school boards throughout the Great Toronto Area to bring extra-curricular, in-school or after-school gardening programs to your children, build outdoor classrooms and school gardens.

We believe in food justice, equality, sharing and community. We are strong supporters of a balanced and sustainable life, using appropriate technologies without destroying habitat. We are certain humans will achieve this in the very near future. And we know that it all starts with education.

Teacher training is at the core of our strategy. We train in person and online, through coaching and consultation programs. We turn your enthusiastic teachers into certifiedempoweredconfidentschool growers with skills to Design, write Curriculum and Plan for Edible Gardening programming and building school gardens.

Kids’ Growing City started its journey with one gardening class in one private school and have made its way to more and more schools, private and public, throughout the GTA.

We take any opportunity to create environmental awareness and teach kids how to grow their food.



Leila Mireskandari, the founder of Kids’ Growing City, is an enthusiastic gardener and a Certified Permaculture Designer who has a Master’s degree in Environmental Studies with Environmental and Sustainability Education diploma from York University. She also holds the Business and the Environment diploma from Schulich school of business.

She founded Kids’ Growing City to empower young minds with food growing skills and to bring the joy of edible gardening into the lives of children while supporting their parents and teachers with training.